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Очень значимый и ценный сюрприз для вашего ребенка! Ощущение праздника, задорный смех и огромная гордость за свое "хорошее поведение в этом году" гарантированы!

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11.12.2016, 15:00
Hello, my dear  Kody!
Yes, it’s really me, Russian Ded Moroz. Winter has came and it’s time of miracles.
Do you want to know what I usually do? Do you think I just idle waiting for winter? :) No! I watch you, I rejoice to your progress and I worry when you are in a trouble. 
Kody, I attentively watch you 7 years and I know that you didn’t  manage to be always on the light party this year, but you are a kind boy and you have kept belief in miracles in yourself. Be happy, don’t upset the people surrounding you, be kind and sympathetic. I believe in you and I will try to fulfill your  wishes.
Btw, we have so much snow here in Great Ustyug, so I will send it to you to Cleveland soon! :)
My congratulations on upcoming New Year!
P.S. Don’t forget to say hello to your daddy ;)
Ваш Дед Мороз.

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